Worrying about snow going on your glass room? You can stop worrying now!

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Worrying about snow going on your glass room

Worrying about snow going on your glass room

You’re probably thinking, with this pandemic they’ll be no Christmas, no hope at all. But hey, maybe at least it will snow, to give us that little bit of hope. If that happens, you’ll probably get a bit worried, thinking: is your patio cover strong enough to carry the weight of all that snow? Well you can stop worrying now because we make sure our product can handle any weather condition.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of snow on the room as the room will still open and close smoothly, even in case of an asymmetrical weight distribution. It has a specially developed and patented gutter edge. It also keeps the patio and patio furniture from getting wet when opening the louvre blades after a rain shower or melting snow.

With this information in mind, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape. At SunRoomsUK, all models are tested for weather resistance, drainage, workload and wind resistance.