The Benefits of a Wintergarden

Pawel SabatNews

Solarlux GmbH

Solarlux is one of the leading manufacturers of bi-fold doors, glass extensions and winter gardens and we can now proudly announce our partnership with them.

Now let’s get to the benefits of a Solarlux wintergarden. A highly efficient, thermally insulated glass extension acts as the perfect link between the inside of your house and the natural world around it. The ventilation and shading options available will give you the perfect climate inside your glass extension, unlike conservatories which tend to overheat.

The number one reason why I recommend a glass extension is how it gives you a front row seat to watch the changing seasons. There’s nothing like discovering the first blossoms of spring, feeling the warm sun on your back, and watching the leaves and snow fall on the roof above your head.

A winter-garden glazed extension is the perfect solution to provide more living space with a stunning aesthetic. You can watch the changing seasons in the comfort of your own home and in the warmer months open up your living space to embrace the outside.

When you choose a Solarlux aluminium system, you opt for individuality. Solarlux standard colour options, which include around 30 RAL colours, offer all the colours of the rainbow in matt and gloss finishes, at no extra cost. This allows every system to be matched with the building’s interior and exterior design.

What I personally like about a wintergarden is that you can add it to your home to give you more living space. It can be integrated into the existing architecture, as a built-on extension to your existing living area. No matter your style, Solarlux wintergardens offer the right shape of canopy for anyone; taking into consideration shape and size. Each client can decide for themselves whether they want a harmoniously integrated extension to their living space or to add a striking touch to their home with a built-on wintergarden.

You can choose to add glass elements which will allow you to enjoy wide openings to the outdoors and a large cross-section that facilitates a fast interchange of air for perfect ventilation. I would say the main benefits of bifolding doors would be that you can enjoy fresh air to the fullest in the summer but even in the winter, when the doors are closed, the elements never obscure your view of the outdoors.