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Today we are going to talk about our elegant, yet robust, sliding glass doors and how you can incorporate them seamlessly into your brand-new outdoor room. Let’s begin with the reasons you should include them; they make the perfect barrier to protect you from the elements, they add a certain level of security to your outdoor room, they act to keep you warm in the winter and they do look amazing.

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The doors slide effortlessly over their runners. The runners are dampened to make the sliding absolutely silent so no matter what you’re doing, whether it be having a party or relaxing under the sun, you will not be interrupted by the screeching or scraping that most other sliding doors make.

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These are the runners that the sliding doors use to move. They are neatly installed flush with any existing flooring or decking, and if for some reason they can’t be then small rubber strips will be installed, these act like ramps. These features minimise trip risk and therefore protect the health of our customers which is something we hold dear to us.

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The runners are also very functional in terms of the fact they are VERY easy to clean. There is a gap between the support beam and the runner which allows you to easily brush away and dirt lodged in the runners. This means that your doors will not get jammed by build-ups of leaves in autumn months or stones that have got in-between somehow.

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The handles are ergonomically designed so that they won’t cause any pain or discomfort when you use them, and you will have to put in minimal amounts of effort. Their rectangular shape means they are easy to grip so you can use them AND they have a metal texture, which is such that your fingers won’t slip off. You can literally open these doors with one figure because of how light the doors are AND how well designed the door handle is. They are also very minimalistic in style, so they will not get in your way or look unattractive.

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Finally, we have locks. You can have these installed for piece-of-mind OR you might even have valuable things inside your glass room. Our locks conform to the standard of ALL modern door locks, so they are just as strong and robust as front and back door locks on any modern house. Don’t worry about missing out on your handle either because it is integrated into the design of the lock, and still has the same ergonomic features as it did without the lock. It is a bit more intrusive but we would gladly pick your security over something looking nicer whilst not being safe.