Raining again? Just Sit Back and Relax!

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Raining again 1

Raining again 1

We often hear the question, or get asked, “Won’t you get soaking wet when it rains?” The answer is NO! We have a genius solution to all your worries about you or whatever is in your garden room getting wet or ruined. It’s called a weather sensor, and we can install it into your brand-new structure so that the roof will automatically close the very second it begins to rain so you will be protected. But won’t the water just leak through the canvas roof? NO! Our roofs are all designed and come fully waterproofed so you don’t have to worry about that either.

We all know that English weather isn’t always the best and can ruin a lot of plans most of the time BUT, our products are the perfect solution to this. Whether it was a meal ruined by the rain or playtime ruined by the cold, you can use your brand-new outdoor room as a form of protection AND you can continue to enjoy whatever you were doing in the dry warmth of your home.

If you feel like a waterproof, windproof structure isn’t enough then you can also opt for our sliding glass doors to give you that extra layer of warmth and protection. They are ergonomically designed so that it requires minimal effort to pull them shut in the event that it becomes too cold or you just want to lock your room up for peace-of-mind.

Does it suddenly feel like the summer sun is becoming a bit too much? Then, again, there is a solution to this; we have roller blinds perfectly designed to shield you from the rays of the sun, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful view of your garden.

So, come rain, wind or shine you will be fully protected from the elements in your brand-new garden room courtesy of Sun Rooms UK. Again, we welcome any comments or advice you have so feel free to let us know!