Weather Sensors

  • Detects rain, wind, snow, all adverse weather conditions
  • Automatically closes the roof/roller screen
  • Ultimate peace of mind for when you leave the house



WEATHER SENSORS – RAIN, WIND, SNOW — Worried you might accidentally leave the pergola roof open and drench your furniture, rugs, accessories or even loved ones?! Worry no more because we can fit your pergola with our state-of-the-art weather sensors which will automatically close the roof/roller screen as soon as they detect rain, wind, snow and all adverse weather conditions. We have both Weinor and Tarasola weather sensors too, so don’t worry!

This is a great way to give you peace of mind for those times when you leave the house but then can’t remember if you closed the roof! But no need to worry any longer, it’s all taken care of. It even removes the need to get up off the sofa if it starts to rain! What a luxury!