Roller Screens

  • Dial down the intensity of direct sunlight and strong winds
  • Windproof, waterproof, adverse-weather-proof, sun-proof!
  • Reduces heat build-up in the room
  • Made from a variety of special fabrics
  • Available in a range of colours including ‘clear’
  • Manual or motorised operation


ROLLER SCREENS — Although sitting in the outdoors in the sunshine can be absolutely idyllic, there can be times when it can get a little too intense and you’d prefer to shade yourself, or protect against a particularly strong breeze. Our roller screens fulfil this purpose perfectly through their ability to reduce glare from the sun and shield you from strong winds, thanks to their extra-strong weather-resistant fabric. They can be easily and quickly extended, either manually or by remote control (with a motorised system).

The screens will mitigate the build-up of heat in your outdoor room, a problem which is commonly associated with traditional conservatories. Additionally, they create a waterproof seal, so no wind or rain can get in, protecting you and your furniture and ensuring your uninterrupted comfort. Another advantage is that they also provide protection from prying eyes, so you will never have to feel uncomfortable in your own property again!

Our window awnings fit seamlessly onto the exterior of your home or commercial property; they can also be used as shading or privacy screens on your balcony. Whether you want to shield yourself from the sun, feel safe in your surroundings or prevent a build-up of heat, our window awnings really are the perfect option for you. They are real all-rounders, offering versatile protection from prying eyes and almost any weather conditions.

If you’re opting to have one of our structures installed, then our roller screens and window awnings can be integrated within ALL of them. This leaves the possibilities quite literally wide open in terms of when you can use your brand-new outdoor space, and even what you can use it for!
They both come in a variety of different material types; extruded aluminium, fibreglass, star, starScreen, perluca and soltis. They offer, the perfect amount of protection and privacy for windows, balconies and outdoor structures, different transparency levels, variable amounts of air to be let through depending on the fabric material.

Our roller screens and window awnings come in a variety of colours so you can browse through and pick exactly the colour that is right for you. They are perfect for absolutely any application, and really do elevate your outdoor living experience.

Click here to view or download the brochure: Weinor Roller Screens Brochure


1 Colour 002002
2 Colour 008008
3 Colour 003003
4 Colour 033033
5 Colour 008007
6 Colour 007007
7 Colour 001001
8 Colour 001010
9 Colour 011011
10 Colour 010011
11 Colour 010010