Radiant Heaters

  • Effective, instant heat right where you need it
  • Reliability over many years (plus a 3 year warranty)
  • The highest quality and aesthetic style
  • Fully waterproof (laboratory certified IP65 protection class)


RADIANT PERGOLA HEATERS — Our radiant heating system is based on the most natural way of transferring heat energy ie. the sun radiating its heat to Earth. Due to our natural system of shortwave infrared heating, the thermal energy emitted by the radiator is available almost immediately and doesn’t require a long period of warming up like other heaters.

Thanks to this principle, we achieve a more effective, economical and ecologically friendlier use of electricity. So now you can extend the time you spend in your outdoor living space into the cooler hours of the day and into the cooler months of the year, enjoying comfort in the outdoors all year round!

Our Radiant Heaters are an amazing heating solution, allowing you to use your outdoor space all year round. They run at an incredibly cheap price compared to regular heaters AND they have a whole host of other advantages. We have both Tarasola and Weinor radiant heaters too!