Integrated Lighting – Spot LED

  • Discreetly integrated into the pergola structure
  • Dimmable option for more ambient tones
  • Conveniently controlled via remote control
  • Ecologically friendly and highly energy efficient


INTEGRATED SPOT LED LIGHTING — Light up your pergola in the most elegant and efficient way possible with our stunning integrated LED lights. These lights use the latest technology to brighten up your outdoor space, and as an optional extra, you can dim the lights to expand your ambience options. This can be be done via the remote control so you don’t even have to get up to change it!

We can supply two types of integrated LED lighting: either spot LEDs as in the product photos on this page, or as linear LEDs as in this product here. Both linear and spot options provide an ecologically friendly solution to lighting, being highly energy efficient. In fact, they use three times less energy than energy-saving bulbs, and ten times less than standard incandescent or halogen bulbs, so you can add a warm orange ambient glow (or any other shade!) to your cosy outdoor space for hours on end without worry.