Glass Verandas

  • Beautiful glass roof system and open sides.
  • Unlimited modular unit connection.
  • Perfect summer shading options to keep you cool and safe.
  • Beautiful minimal structure with maximum light intake.
  • Tailor the veranda to your liking with optional extras.
  • Fit glass side panels and sliding doors at a later date.


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The Weinor Glass Veranda is a beautifully simple way of vastly improving your patio area. The minimal structure is designed to look modern yet unobtrusive, fitting in perfectly with any garden. The glass roof provides an elegant solution for sheltering and if you choose to install a sunblind as an optional extra, you'll enjoy some welcome shade from the summer sun. The sides are fully open allowing you to enjoy the cooling breeze whilst you sip your favourite summer tipple. Elegant and impressive, the Weinor Glass Veranda is the ideal way to make your garden / patio lifestyle more fun and more luxurious.

Weinor Glass Veranda

Choose the Perfect Roof Style

You can choose whether to have an overhanging roof to help keep rain away at the front, or opt for the non-overhang so the structure is shorter. Both styles come with integrated guttering and down-spouts that are built into the awning pillars so they're all but invisible. Clever and aesthetically appealing!

Without Overhang, with integrated gutteringPatio Roof without an overhang but with integrated guttering

With Overhang, and integrated gutteringPatio Roof with an overhang and integrated guttering

Weinor Sun ShadesWhichever roof you choose, you can add cooling sun shades

Living Life Outdoors

Weinor glass verandas are designed to impress! They are simple and innovative in design and all the more beautiful for it. Plus, you're highly unlikely to need planning permission so the installation process is completely hassle-free. There are several optional extras you can add too, like heating, lighting and the already mentioned sunblinds.

Weinor Glass Veranda Logo
Our glass verandas are completely bespoke so you can design yours to perfectly fit the available space in your garden. At a later point, should you wish, you can add glass side panels and sliding doors, turning your veranda into a fully enclosed glass room (see here). This flexibility is just one of the aspects that sets Weinor apart from their competitors.

A glass veranda is the ideal way to add a luxury shading solution to your home, whilst retaining the minimal simplicity of a gorgeous traditional pergola. There are videos below which give more information about the Weinor glass verandas plus a gallery of images. Please give us a call or drop us an email to talk to us about your dream contemporary veranda!

Patio LightingExtend the evenings with exquisite LED lighting

Heating by WeinorWarm up the evening with optional heating units

Blinds and LightingHow about blinds and lighting to create a cosy atmosphere

Weinor Video Demonstrations

Some Examples of Weinor Glass Verandas