Glass Rooms

  • Fully glass enclosed garden room.
  • Unlimited modular unit connection.
  • Extremely quiet sliding doors.
  • Extend the period of the year when you can sit ‘outdoors’.
  • Beautiful minimal structure with maximum light intake.
  • Tailor the room to your liking with optional extras.


Weinor Glasoase

The Weinor Glasoase® is the perfect way to give your patio a new lease of life. With its glass roof and glass panels on all sides, it creates a stunning new room that's definitely indoors, and yet feels very outdoors, giving you all the benefits of garden life with the comforts of your front room.

Weinor Glass Room 1

Effortless Indoor/Outdoor Living

The sliding doors are a breeze to open and close, and they glide extremely quietly with a minimum of effort — this is down to the clever 'actuator function' which glides all the door panels in unison as you pull the lead panel. So easy! The rollers and guide rails are made of premium quality stainless steel with easy-clean recesses and the innovative 'CleanCase®' where dirt can be brushed and then easily emptied.

Weinor Sliding Doors GardenEffortless Sliding Panels

Glass Sliding DoorsQuiet Stainless Steel Runners

CleanCaseHassle-Free Cleaning

Living Life Alfresco

Weinor glass rooms are designed with beauty and functionality in mind. Their elegant, minimal looks will enhance any home and be sure to make the neighbours envious! You can comfortably spend time in your glass room well into autumn and with the addition of the optional heaters even longer.

Weinor Glassroom Tiles

Our glass rooms are completely bespoke so you can design yours to perfectly fit the available space in your garden, tailored to your unique style of living. They are based on the Weinor glass veranda structures, but with the addition of side panels and sliding doors — these can also be retrofitted to existing Weinor verandas if you already have one.

A glass room is the ideal way to add a luxury conservatory to your home, whilst retaining the minimal simplicity of a gorgeous traditional sunroom. There are videos below which give more information about the Weinor glass rooms plus a gallery of images. Please give us a call or drop us an email to talk to us about your dream contemporary conservatory!

Weinor Video Demonstrations

Some Examples of Weinor Glass Rooms