Decorative Slats

  • Attaches neatly to existing buildings / structures or can be a brand new purpose built structure.
  • Protects against UV, wind and rain.
  • Highly versatile and adaptable.
  • Wood or aluminium slats.
  • Innovative, minimal and elegant design.


OUR DECORATIVE SLATS  come as wood or aluminium, giving your property a classic or modern look to it. They help to protect against UV rays and various other weather conditions like wind and rain. We can simply and quickly install them onto the outside of any existing structure OR you can have them in the place of our sliding glass doors, as they have a sliding function too.

The panels are the perfect alternative to our sliding glass doors if you are on a budget. They have nearly exactly the same functions, with visibility being only slightly reduced. They really can be mounted anywhere; on your walls, on your doors, on your windows, on your brand new garden room, on your pre-existing outdoor structure, or you can even have them as a standalone structure!

They can be used as a nice little privacy screen around your hot tub area, to surround your office allowing you to filter the perfect amount of light, or even around your outdoor gym keeping you cool thanks to the natural flow of air through them. It really is down to YOU.