Bioclimatic Pergolas

  • Pratic bioclimatic pergolas are an ideal blend of design, technology and wellness. These pergolas make it possible to obtain an outdoor structure that is perfectly integrated within the residential or contract context, contributing to the reduction of polluting processes with a significant advantage for the environment.


BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLAS — Bioclimatic pergolas are characterised for the completely natural climatic comfort they provide. This is the reason why they have become the most popular solution for anyone trying to optimise their garden.

They are characterised by special aluminium sunscreen blades that can rotate up to 140 degrees. It’s an easy way to obtain the ideal lighting and wind conditions and recreate natural climatic comfort inside the structure, which also shields from rain and snow.
There are thirty eight colours to choose from and the powder used by Pratic ensures greater resistance to UV rays, salt and humidity making the colours remain brilliant over time.
The automation, accessories and complementary features enhance the structure making every bioclimatic pergola unique.