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Amazing Outdoor Living — Indoors!

How lovely would it be to bring the calming influence and simple natural beauty of your garden into your home? Wouldn't it be amazing? Well that's exactly what we strive to achieve for our customers everyday at Sun Rooms UK.

Our innovative weatherproof verandas are modular systems so you can design your perfectly tailored modern conservatory  — you can choose to have a single unit or fit several together. You could opt for a freestanding glass room with automatic roller screen and sliding doors, a glass veranda with a retractable roof, a lean-to awning for summer shading, or any combination you can think of.

Made of high quality, durable aluminium and premium quality toughened glass our verandas will weather the wildest of storms all year round whilst keeping you cool and shaded in the summer months.

Our glass verandas come in a range of colours and finishes so you can perfectly personalise your outdoor space. You can also add glass sliding walls, weatherproof roller screens, heating, lighting, sound systems and all-weather sensors to further enhance your room. These handy additions are operated at the push of a button to create the ideal living space, bringing all the luxuries of indoor living, outdoors.

Whether you're dreaming about a modern conservatory, stylish awning, glass veranda or a fully enclosed glass garden room, all our solutions create flexible and multi-purpose spaces ideally suited for the home and family life, or equally for a busy commercial business environment. As a bonus, your new outdoor room will add not only aesthetic value to your home or business premises, but real economic value too. Perfect!

Enjoy browsing through our product range below and get in Contact to talk about your new indoor-outdoor room!

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