How To Create The Perfect Al Fresco Dining Area

Pawel SabatNews

In the UK, the weather can be unpredictable and outdoor dining areas benefit hugely from covered or sheltered areas. With a range of glass rooms and awning, we can help to create the perfect al fresco dining area.

The versatile designs of these systems means they can come in any size; housing small or large dining tables for the perfect indoor-outdoor experience. You can choose to add sliding glass doors which give out a minimal design and ability to increase airflow and ventilation when open.

Our glass rooms and pergolas can be freestanding or attached to an exterior wall with two supporting stands. A freestanding structure offers more flexibility, offering homeowners the choice to place the shelter wherever they like.

Tables and chairs will be required in order to create an al fresco dining area and if you would like the option to prepare the food outside, then a BBQ or outdoor kitchen would be ideal. You can decide if you would like lights added to your glass structures, whether it’s LED spotlights or RGB lighting. Either way, lighting will be very important to create different levels of light for the evenings.

If you need some more ideas on creating an outdoor set up, here are some things you should consider:

1. Choose beautiful, but practical outdoor flooring – an outdoor area will need flooring that can support all furniture, barbecues etc. Make sure you pick something practical, durable and smooth.

2. Keep everything tidy – every garden needs some good outdoor storage. You could use a kitchen trolley, boxes, crates or a shed.

3. Create an atmosphere with an outdoor speaker – music makes everything better. You could invest in an outdoor speaker, or alternatively if you decide on our glass room structure, you can add yourself a speaker system within the construction. No need going inside your home to change a song or control the volume.

4. Create a space with plants and lights – al fresco cannot be beaten for enjoying the sunshine and open air – but what about when it gets too hot, especially during lunchtime, or at night when you might need some shelter? This is where our pergolas come into place, providing you with shelter, as well as a cosy atmosphere when you turn the LED spotlights or RGB lighting on.

5. Take a unique approach to your outdoor space – adding your personality to your alfresco dining set up is a must.