Hotel London 360 Expo

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Hotel London 360 Expo 1

Hotel London 360 Expo 5

In September 2019, we attended the Hotel 360 Expo in London at the Excel Centre (which is now being used as a Covid-19 hospital). It was an enlightening experience and we managed to meet many new clients and just people in general. We took with us our Elegancy pergola with integrated LED spotlights and a sound system which we used to play music whilst we were there to draw people in. We took with us various marketing materials like brochures, postcards etc. We handed these out to the various people who came over to us. The whole process lasted 3 days and it was definitely one of the most challenging things we had to achieve as a company, however it was an amazing experience because we got to showcase our product, which is something we are all passionate about, to a whole host of different individuals. The Elegancy that we took also had integrated roller screens which we gave demos of, occasionally trapping people inside.

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