Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tarasola?

Tarasola® is an innovative weatherproof pergola system made of high quality, durable aluminium, inspired by the latest trends and styles. Each of our systems is entirely bespoke so you can choose to have a single unit or fit several together using our flexible modular system. Our structures can be used for garden rooms, house extensions, modern conservatories, shaded areas, verandas, commercial eating and dining areas — in fact, just about any application you can think of!

2. What is Weinor?

Weinor® is the market leader for sun and rain protection on the patio. The systems offer premium quality, heavy duty, fully customisable verandas, glass rooms and sun awnings.

3. What is Solarlux?

Solarlux is one of the leading manufacturers of premium glass system solutions offering bi-folding doors, glass extensions, glass canopies, glass sliding doors and glass balcony solutions.

4. What is Pratic?

Pratic is an Italian company that designs and produces pergolas with an unmistakable design and high performance. 

5. Will I need planning permission?

In most cases, planning permission isn't required for our structures because they fall within the permitted development rights (see below). However, if you are in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area, or green belt, you will most likely need to obtain permission — in this instance, permission is still usually given.

Permitted development stipulates the following:

If the structure is being installed against the rear of a property as an extension to your living space, then the maximum depth of the pergola is 4 metres for a detached property and 3m for an adjoined property such as a terrace or semi-detached. Also, if the pergola is within 2 metres of a boundary, then the maximum height is 2.5 metres.

If the structure being installed is freestanding, and within 2 metres of the boundary, then the maximum height permitted is 2.5 metres. Additionally, the pergola, plus any other garden structures such as garden rooms, sheds etc. cannot take up more than 50% of the overall garden area.

If in any doubt about development permissions, you can contact your local planning authority or visit the planning portal website here:

6. Where can your outdoor structures be installed?

There's almost no limit to where our outdoor structures can be installed! We carry out assembly projects not only on terraces and in gardens, but also on penthouses, balconies, on rooftops, over swimming pools, hot-tubs or even on boats. We consider each project individually and will provide our expert advice on what's possible.

7. What foundations are required for your outdoor structures?

The structural support base plates must be fixed to a solid foundation such as concrete, stone or wood. We can also install them on artificial grass or real lawn, by installing footings under each post.

8. What guarantee is provided by Luksus?

We offer a full five year guarantee on all our products so you have peace of mind.

9. What if something goes wrong?

Don't worry! All our outdoor structures are extensively tested to stringent European quality & safety standards and come backed with a fully comprehensive parts, labour and workmanship guarantee. If something should go wrong, we will undertake any necessary repairs whilst under warranty and after it expires too.

10. What maintenance is required?

Our outdoor structures are virtually maintenance free. The whole construction, including the roof, can be hosed down or hand cleaned. Depending on the type of roof you have, there are various additional care methods you can employ, and this information will be provided on purchase.

11. What does the order process look like?

We have a simple six step process for ordering an outdoor structure with us:

  1. Send us a photo of the site you wish the structure to be installed in, with some approximate measurements.
  2. We will then send you a guide price, based on the models you are interested in.
  3. Following this, we will conduct a full site survey and show you the product samples, colours, fabrics etc.
  4. Now we can provide you with an official, detailed quotation for you to consider.
  5. If you accept, your chosen structure will then be assembled by our skilled craftsmen.
  6. Finally, our expert technicians will install your pergola and you'll be the envy of everyone who sees it!
12. Can our products be controlled by a smartphone or tablet?

Yes! You can control your roof cover, lighting, sound system etc. using a mobile device, and from anywhere in the world!

13. Can our products be connected to the installation of a smart building system?


14. Does Luksus cooperate with architects?

Yes! We have extensive experience in working alongside and collaborating with architects. We provide advice and technical resources such as C.A.D. files, to ensure the smooth running of all our projects.

15. What are the differences between our outdoor structures and traditional conservatories?

Our pergolas have retractable roofs so making them a far more adaptable and pleasant environment than a traditional conservatory, especially in the warmer months (our rooms don't heat up unbearably like conservatories).

Traditional conservatories are permanent, fully enclosed rooms whereas our pergolas are a far more flexible option, adapting to many different applications and sites. They can be glazed on all sides as an option, or left open. Plus with the optional sliding glass panels, you can effectively open up a large section to the outdoors when required.

The time of the traditional conservatory is over! Our pergolas are modern, sleek and beautifully designed, why would you want anything else?

We hope that we have answered all of your questions. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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