Discover The Benefits of Outdoor Living in The Winter

Pawel SabatNews

There are so many benefits of spending time outdoors in the winter. Let’s talk about some of these benefits. Vitamin D; despite the lack of sunshine, there is still enough daylight to provide enough of a daily intake. Increased creativity and concentration; by just taking a stroll outside you can experience fundamental improvements in brain function and mental focus. Avoiding “indoor” germs; spending more time outside will assist the development of a strong immune system and fighting off bacteria. Exercise; we all need a minimum of half an hour exercise a day.

Now let’s talk some statistics. More than 6 in 10 people spend less than 15 minutes outside during winter. 1 in 10 don’t spend any time at all outside during winter. The main reasons given for all the hours spent indoors were winter weather conditions and work. Unfortunately, these are reasons we can’t change but we can help create a space that will help you spend more time outdoors, benefiting you with a healthier lifestyle.

Our glass rooms and garden rooms will keep you safe from any and all, weather conditions that come your way. With customisations and accessories, you can make sure that you’re just as comfortable under your glass room as you are in your home. Add a heater and sliding glass doors and you’ll keep the chill of winter out without having to lift a finger – all while still getting to enjoy the fresh air.

Glass rooms are a perfect place to store and use fitness equipment, meaning you can exercise at home rather than going on that run after a long day at work. We all know how dark it gets in the winter so by the time we get home from work it’s already pitch black. You can add LED spotlights to your garden room, allowing you to exercise after work and still feel that crispy air. You can also opt to include RGB strip lights which allow you to create more of an atmosphere.

If you’re working from home; this can be the perfect space for your office. Just think, what if you could spend time outside at work, whilst working, having a meeting, on your lunch break, etc? The opportunities are endless because there are so many options to take into account; sliding glass doors, radiant heaters, LED spotlights, just to name a few.

Glass rooms and garden rooms allow you to enjoy the indoor comfort of home whilst you’re outdoors, with the added advantage of getting to enjoy healthy fresh air.