Creating a Functional Outdoor Space

Pawel SabatNews

Having a functional outdoor space opens the gateway to being able to use your garden for some many more purposes, not just purely decorative.

A deck or paved space can add so much more to a garden, not only aesthetically but also practically. It will give you more space to host outdoor gatherings come summer and also more space for you to lounge and enjoy your garden. Porcelain paving and millboard decking are two of our go to products when it comes to expanding the useable area of your outdoor space.

The millboard decking would create the perfect base for a sunroom which is the ideal solution to expanding the useable space in your outdoor area. A sunroom allows you to bring the outdoors in which is particularly useful in the winter months. You could use your new outdoor flooring as a barbeque area, a hot tub area or even an outdoor gym. You can explore so many more possibilities with an area of outdoor flooring.

Both types of outdoor flooring are extremely hard wearing so they can be used in almost any situation and there is also no need to worry about weather resistance either. Whether you want an outdoor seating area, lounging space or a play area for your children, these two types of outdoor flooring have got all your needs covered.

If you opt to have a sunroom installed on top of your millboard decking then that really does broaden your horizons; then not only do you have an extended and more functional area, it is also covered. There is the option to have sliding glass doors on your sunroom which would create a beautiful enclosed space.

There are styles and colours to fit everyone, whether you are looking for light or dark, bold or minimal, there is definitely something for you. You may even decide you want an entire revamp; new plants, edging, planters, EVERYTHING, and that’s great too. That would mean you get a fresh start so you can create a space that you can be really proud to say is yours.

Now that you know everything you need to know to create your new functional outdoor space it is time to get the ball rolling! Whether you want outdoor flooring, a sunroom, or an entire garden regeneration project, we are here to help you.