An Outdoor Space to Suit Any Environment

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An Outdoor Space to Suit Any Environment

An Outdoor Space to Suit Any Environment

Our products provide the ultimate upgrade for your outdoor space. You can turn any existing patio or deck area into the most amazing lounging area, outdoor gym and even a hot tub area, OR you can you create a whole new space all together with our variety of composite flooring and decking. The elegant veranda pictured above is the perfect shading solution for all your lounging needs. You can choose from a multitude of patterns and colours for the canvas roof and structure itself, making it ideal for absolutely any style of home from Victorian to modern day.

You can style your flooring based on your structure or vice versa depending on whether or not you already have groundwork done or if you even want any accompanying your structure. Just above the door there is a radiant heater installed so when it gets a bit cold you can just switch that on and it will heat up your body without making any of your surroundings hotter so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself on that metal door handle! This particular example is not fitted with any sliding glass doors but that is absolutely a possibility if you want that extra protection from the elements. However, that is not to say that this veranda doesn’t provide you with protection from the elements as seen in the picture below.

Raining again 1

As you can see it already provides ample protection from the rain using the angled, waterproof roof. You can happily sit under it all day in the rain reading a book or just enjoying the view. Having said all this if you do feel as though you need sliding glass doors and you change your mind after the structure has been installed, we can come back and install them for you at a later date! Come snow, rain or shine you will be safe from the elements in you brand new glass veranda, meaning you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the world around you without the hassle.

When it comes to using your veranda in the evenings or at night we have the perfect solution for you! We can install LED spotlights into the structure so if you feel like staging a romantic meal at night, or even just laying back and reading a book or doing some work, then you can! The lights are dimmable so depending on how you’re feeling you can dim them for a more atmospheric feel or, you can have them at full brightness so you can see what you’re doing. There are no limits to what you can do with your veranda and we are happy to accommodate ALL your needs and creative ideas.

The amazingly innovative thing about our verandas, is that they are fully adjustable. You can set the height, slope and angle of the canopy allowing you to have all the options in the world in terms of the look of your veranda. This can also be advantageous because you can increase the slope and protect yourself or you family more from the elements. If you want more shade on a hot summers’ day or more protection from your waterproof canopy, this is the perfect product for you.

An Outdoor Space to Suit Any Environment 3

Below is a cross section of the sliding mechanism and internal structure of our veranda. As you can see it is very well designed and sturdy so it can hold up to the harshest of conditions. The sliding and adjusting motions are smooth and effortless and can even be automated if you decide to go down the road of purchasing a sun awning, but we will come to that in another blog.

An Outdoor Space to Suit Any Environment 4

There are no reasons we can think of that this is not the perfect solution to shading and protection from the elements. It is versatile whilst remaining incredibly stylish and it is fully customisable so you can make it fit into your space, regardless of the style of your home or business. We absolutely welcome your feedback and opinions to help us grow and improve as a company.