6 Tips for Your Outdoor Room

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6 Tips for Your Outdoor Room

6 Tips for Your Outdoor Room

Integrate or Standout: If you’re the kind of person who likes having order and subtlety, make sure to choose a colour and style that goes well with your building; take the picture above as an example. Alternatively, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for a pergola that is the polar opposite of the style of your building.

Positioning: We have a range of rooms and awnings so it’s important to know what you want. If you’re going to opt for a freestanding structure it’s important you think hard about where in your garden it’s going to go so you can make the most of it, for example where is it going to catch the most sun? Whereas if you choose an awning then you need to think about where on you building it is going to go; how high? Over a patio?

Customisation: This is the bit where you figure out what you REALLY want. Do you want heaters for the winter? Do you want blinds for the summer? Do you want speakers for parties and gatherings? We recommend strongly considering heaters for the winter months so you can stay warm and cosy all throughout the year.

Costs: It’s ALWAYS a good idea to work out what you can afford and what you can’t so take this into consideration when opting for accessories and thinking about how big you want your structure to be.

Decorating: Decorating the interior of you structure is a MUST. Everyone has their own style so stick to that, but we recommend that you don’t fill it to the top with furniture because it can end up getting messy and cluttered. Decorating also depends on the purpose of your outdoor room for example, if you want to use it exclusively for sunbathing then we recommend a couple of sun loungers and maybe a coffee table.

Research and Planning: Depending on a few factors like the age of your building you might require planning permission. So, it’s a good idea to do your research and, again, think about where you want the structure to be and plan out what it’s going to look like and how you’re going to use it.

Ultimately these are only RECOMMENDATIONS based on what we can tell you from our experience. It is entirely your decision and we can only give you our professional opinions. The choice is ALWAYS down to the customer.